Exhibition PINK BOX will be held in ERARTA Museum of contemporary art

from 22 of may  to 31 of august

«Pink Box» is a metaphor often used by the scientists studying human brain. Using this name for our thinking organ neuroscientists and psychologists draw an analogy between the «blackbox» method in cybernetics, where the study of object with unknown inner component is held through studying its reactions to external stimulation. Thus they emphasize that brain mechanisms still remain a mystery. The scientists have not yet succeeded in finding our inner «blackbox», the exact localization of the memory throughout the brain.

Contemporary society connects the latent potential of the brain, the main human instrument of ideas generation, with the ultimate possibility to transform our civilization.
The exhibition highlights the issue of physiological capabilities of our main mind substrate. The artists were offered to reflect on the question of unexplored brain abilities and memory, which upper limit is still unknown.
Mnemonic techniques are always mutable. Currently people less and less rely on their individual memory, gradually replacing it with the instant access to the collective storage of the Internet.
For the artists the idea of «Pink Box» appears as a storage, an archive holder for the life experiences. Memory imperfections and fragmentariness, external overpressure of neural activity, endless consumption of superfluous information and overloading of the brain, all these themes will be united and featured at the exhibition.
Some of the art objects and videos featured at the exhibition were created in collaboration with scientists as visual interpretation of researches. Other works are artistic responses to the science questions.

Participants of the project:

Georgyi Ostretsov, Georgyi Litichevsky, Olga Kroytor, Alexandra Paperno, Lyudmila Konstanitova, Kristina Yatkovskaya, Olga Bozhko, Svetlana Isaeva, Irina Korina, Elena Kovylina, Sergey Kishchenko, Dmitry Bulnygin, «EliKuka» (Oleg Eliseev and Evgeny Kukoverov), Daria Krotova, Natalia Struchkova, Ivan Tuzov, Ivan Sotnikov, Oleg Kotelnikov.

Curator — Elizaveta Shagina.


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