New concept-car model on russian automobile market by George Ostretsov

On 28th September concept car «NA» by George Ostretsov made its first rally at Vladivostok Golden Bridge.
«Golden Bridge in Vladivostok is the beginning of the art march of motherland. More art — more culture! »- Said the artist.
George Ostretsov and team constructed the president-mobile in Vladivostok for two months. The car is not only a work of art, but technical idea also. The vehicle is running on the eco alcohol fuel.
Art Utopia «new government» demonstrates the image of utopian political power. The new power hasn’t human passions and desires, unempathical members are hidden behind masks that mean a new efficient mechanism of power with it’s arms manipulating the mass consciousness.

Like any government, «NA» needs car, which would express its strength, power and high technology. Interrupted History of Soviet cars fetish does not see its continuation, but nourishes the images of George Ostretsov working on plastic incarnation of his fantastic ideas.

«Vladivostok — an interesting city, so while discussing the upcoming exhibition I had the idea to do a special project here. I began to study the basic problems and specifics of the region, turned out the idea of a national car. Transport theme seems very important. Vladivostok — one of the car industry centers. Reconstruction of roads and bridges for the APEC Summit can be seen as the government’s track, a kind of „golden president road.“ This theme was inspired me to create this concept car for the first person in the country which can be a transport and at the same time would be a piace of art. Car has elements of futuristic experiments 60s in mechanical engineering and a fantastic idea of a „new government“, which I’m developing for more than 15 years, »- said George Ostretsov.

The car, as the flagship of the exhibition, has situated in the center of contemporary art Zarya in Vladivostok until 30 November.


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