Art Meets Design

Art Meets Design is a collaboration between contemporary Russian artist Gosha Ostretsov and Moscow-based non-profitable organization Artika Project, that supports contemporary artists. Gosha Ostretsov organized a workshop in his studio, where numerous craftsmen produce functional furniture and conceptual objects, reflecting his ironic and highly innovative artistic approach.Gosha Ostretsov is one of Russia’s leading contemporary artists. Since the late 1990′s Ostretsov has been working on The New Government project, a parodic gesamtkunstwerk on the nature of power and despotism in post-Soviet Russia and, by extension in the world at large. Ostretsov represented Russia as part of a curatedgroup show in the Russian pavilion at the 53rd Venice Biennale, 2009.

  • Alexander Kosolapov
  • Art Meets Design
  • Christine Jatkowsky
  • Dmitry Bulnygin
  • Elena Kovylina
  • Elikuka Art Group
  • Evgeny Kukoverov
  • Georgiy Litichevskiy
  • Gosha Ostretsov
  • Irina Korina
  • Ivan Tuzov
  • Liudmila Konstantinova
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